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GHD|EMPHNET New Internship Opportunities

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

May 23, 2022

GHD|EMPHNET’s internship program ENGAGE offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain hands -on experience working in the field of public health. Interns work alongside team members on specific projects, to satisfy fixed learning objectives. They gain one on one mentorship, and are evaluated at the end of the internship period. The internship periods are three-months long and are renewable.


We are looking for ambitious and enthusiastic candidates to join our program in the following departments:


  1. GHD|EMPHNET Disease Control and Prevention Internship Opportunity
  2. GHD|EMPHNET Human Resources Internship Opportunity
  3. GHD|EMPHNET Partnership and Resource Mobilization Internship Opportunity
  4. GHD|EMPHNET Workforce Capacity Internship Opportunity 

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