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The EMPHNET Electronic Library (EEL) is launched by the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET), which is a not-for-profit organization specializing in public health. Since 2009 and through collaborative efforts, EMPHNET works to strengthen public health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), with a special focus on field epidemiology and Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) in more than 10 countries in the EMR, while ensuring country ownership of these programs. EMPHNET connects and supports the region’s FETPs, whose epidemiological capacities are essential, especially in the context of the EMR’s complex health profile. As part of its mandate, EMPHNET established an electronic library for field epidemiologists and public health professionals in the region.   

The EMPHNET Electronic Library (EEL) serves its goal by providing its users with access to resources and tools that will help them advance their research and move their careers forward.  EEL is an electronic regional library specifically serving field epidemiologists and public health professionals in the EMR. EEL also aims at spreading health education and information across the region, as well as contributing to bridging the information-to-action gap. 

Additional resources and material will be added continuously in order to eventually develop a comprehensive electronic public health library, which will help advance healthcare quality and research by providing access to evidence-based information to healthcare professionals across the region.  


To be the most comprehensive resource hub in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) serving field epidemiologists and public health professionals. 

Mission Statement 

To improve public health practice and research by providing access to information.


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If you want help, please contact the library administrator at eel@emphnet.net.