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Stakeholders’ Analysis and Mapping New Online Course

Thursday, March 31, 2022

The CEAE is delighted to announce the addition of the "Stakeholders’ Analysis and Mapping" course on GHD|EMPHNET LMS. This course aims to build the participant’s capacity to analyze stakeholders using the Stakeholders’ Mapping and Analysis Toolkit. It is intended to be a self-paced online learning course with a duration of 3 hours.

Stakeholder analysis and mapping is an approach used to systematically identify and analyze stakeholders involved in a process by looking at how they are affected by the results, how they may influence those results, and how they can be engaged in a process. The purpose of performing stakeholder analysis is to have a strategic view of various possible stakeholder issues.

This online course provides a structured approach to conduct a stakeholders’ analysis and mapping using an automated toolkit. The GHD|EMPHNET Stakeholders’ Mapping and Analysis Toolkit. Version 16.6 is intended to be used as a learning aid as well as a Tool to be used when conducting a stakeholders’ analysis and mapping. By going through this course, participants will be able to conduct such an analysis in a systematic and easy manner. You can use this handy Tool at the beginning of any of your projects.

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