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Residents of Jordan FETP Utilize EMPHNET’s E-Learning Platform to Learn About Mendeley

Monday, March 27, 2023 2:00 AM

First-year residents of the Jordanian Field Epidemiology Training Program (Jordan FETP) were introduced the Mendeley citation management software. This online course is designed to provide practical training on the basics of Mendeley, a widely used reference management software that helps users to organize their research references and create citations in a variety of styles.


In this course, residents learned more about avoiding the risk of plagiarism, installing the software, creating, and managing their Mendeley library, citing and referencing, and following good practices in reference management. The course is self-paced, offering a variety of topics ending with a post-test. In addition, the course included an exercise that is assessed by the instructor to ensure the translation of theoretical knowledge into practice.


Being an open-source reference management software that is user-friendly, Mendeley is an ideal tool for first-year students to manage their citations and ensure academic integrity in their writing, not just as part of their residency in the FETP, but also in future academic and professional pursuits. This course is one of many provided by EMPHNET both online and onsite to support FETP residents across the region throughout their training.

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