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EMPHNET Publishes Paper on Lessons Learned for Health System Resilience in the Eastern Mediterranean

Thursday, January 12, 2023 2:00 AM

EMPHNET wrote a viewpoint paper “Health System Resilience in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Perspective on the Recent Lessons Learned” that was recently published in Interactive Journal of Medical Research. The paper synthesizes discussions of a panel of public health experts from the Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the World Health Organization, EMPHNET, universities, and research institutions at regional and global levels.

The paper discusses challenges faced by health systems and lessons learned in times of new public health threats to move toward more resilient health systems, overcome current barriers, and explore new opportunities to enhance Health System Resilience (HSR). It also presented field experiences in building resilient health systems and the role of FETPs with an example from Yemen FETP. In addition, the paper debated the lessons learned from the COVID-19 response and how it can reshape thinking and strategies for approaching HSR. Finally, the paper discussed how health systems can effectively adapt and prosper in the face of challenges and barriers to recover from extreme disruptions while maintaining the core functions of the health systems.


The paper presents important conclusions focusing on how lessons learned from the COVID-19 response can reshape thinking and strategies for approaching HSR. It recommended the following:


1-Strengthening both pandemic preparedness and health systems, through investing in the essential public health functions, including those required for all-hazards emergency risk management.

2-Ensuring institutionalization mechanisms for whole-of-society engagement

3-Strengthening the primary healthcare approaches for health security and universal health coverage

4-Promoting enabling environments for research, innovation, and learning. 

5-Investing in building epidemiological capacity through workforce development and continuous support to FETPs to work toward strengthening surveillance systems and participating in regional and global efforts in early response to outbreaks is needed.

6-Developing vision and strategy for enhancing resilience, streamlining, and harmonizing global and country-level efforts, as well as mobilizing funding and resources for the effective implementation of the required interventions.

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