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Yemen Invests in Supportive Supervision to Improve Immunization Coverage

Thursday, January 20, 2022 2:00 AM

For the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), regular supportive supervision (SS) is important to monitor staff performance to identify and address areas for improvement. Helping the EPI staff improve their knowledge and practices, through mentorship and open communication provided by supervisors under SS, has proven its success. Staff become more able to deliver quality immunization services, and the result is improved immunization coverage.

In Yemen, the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MOPHP) is investing in SS for immunization workers to address relevant challenges resulting from the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country. With support from GHD|EMPHNET, the MOPHP is implementing SS starting with the governorates around Aden.

After reviewing and updating the supervisory checklist, the MOPHP conducted a TOT training on SS for provincial and national supervisors. They were trained on how to:

  • recognize and implement an effective supportive supervision system
  • plan for supervisory visits
  • conduct motivated supportive supervisory visits
  • do on job training and coaching
  • solve problems on the ground and following up on needed-to-be-taken actions
  • write supervisory reports

During their TOT, these supervisors made field visits to examine the newly updated supervisory check list and write a supervisory report. These supervisors later trained supervisors at the district level from Aden and its neighboring governorates: one workshop in Aden and another workshop in Mukala. The two workshops targeted the districts EPI supervisors from the twelve governorates. 

The MOPHP will be extending this investment in SS in Sana’a in the coming months.

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